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Who am I? I'm the designer, the coder and the animator of all my app's with over 4 years iOS programming experience, all of my apps are my own ideas and have no external input. I enjoy trying to find ways to make peoples lifes easier using an iOS device or more fun with the games I make. I hope if you are a user of any of my apps past and present you have found them either a help or fun to use.

I'm always looking of ways to improve so please feel free to mention on ways to improve my apps.

If you would like any advice on app building or need an app built then feel free to get in contact with me by any of the methods at the bottom of this page and I will be happy to help or advise.


Snagger is a simple and easy to use site auditing and snagging program for the iPad and iPhone. Snagger is designed with businesses in the construction and maintenance sector in mind, enabling easy recording of problem areas which need attention.

Chooks Away

Chooks Away is a fast paced game in which catching the chicken's eggs is all you need to do.... Sounds easy right? Wrong! With every egg caught the speed in which your hens lay becomes faster, and the chance of catching them in your basket harder, making this game very addictive! Try to beat your score and your friends scores via Game Center, but most of all watch out for those rotten eggs and that pesky fox or it's game over!

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